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  • Pairing

    Another reason that whiskey and cigars pair excellently is due to their wide variety of blends and flavors. ... Both whiskey and cigars are often described as earthy, oaky, smoky, spicy, full-bodied or medium bodied. These flavors can work hand in hand to complement each other for the best possible flavor experience.

  • How Does a Humidor Work?

    The humidor not only stores your cigars, but utilizes a few components to create an ideal environment for your cigars to be stored in. This ideal environment controls the temperature and the relative humidity of the inside of the box, which allows the right amount of moisture inside to help preserve your cigars without getting them too wet or too dried out. On either extreme the cigar’s taste will be negatively affected, and no one wants that. Keeping your cigars in that sweet spot of perfect temperature and humidity is what will keep your cigars tasting great. Maintaining that balance of humidity comes down to two components of your humidor working in conjunction with each other: the Spanish cedar making up the box and the humidifier kept within.

  • Lighters

    Why are butane lighters preferred for lighting cigars? A. The primary reason is that butane burns “clean,” unlike lighters that use fluid, which tend to emit an undesirable odor. The logic behind this is the cigar may pick-up the odor from a fluid-based lighter, thereby adversely affecting the taste of the cigar.