Best Cigar & Bourbon Pairings

Cigars and bourbon have been at the heart of American audacity for generations. From gunslingers in the early days of the Wild West to executives who clang their crystal rocks glasses in a boardroom toast, a billowing cigar and a stiff whiskey are meant for one another. Whether you’re trotting through the desert on horseback with a flask, chomping on a cigarillo like Clint Eastwood, or you’re puffing away in the back of a stretch limo with a mobile wet bar, you want a cigar and bourbon that display complementary flavors. Bourbon and cigars already taste amazing on their own.

How to Pair Cigars and Bourbon

Bourbon possesses a natural sweetness that melds well with the smoky and spicy taste of a good cigar. When pairing bourbon and cigars, purists prefer their bourbon neat (at room temperature). If you insist on sipping yours on the rocks, we won’t hold it against you. Chilling your bourbon may change the way it mixes with a cigar, but in either case, it’s best to alternate between sipping your whiskey and puffing on your cigar. 

Some simply like to add a few drops of water to “open up” the bourbon a bit. This works well when you sip your bourbon from a brandy snifter, which concentrates the aroma, but it isn’t recommended for higher proof bourbons. Pour yourself a single or a double, swirl the glass slightly, and take in the aroma before you sip it. Cut and light your cigar, and start puffing!